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This massage is mainly used to treat pain and to massage different layers of the muscle using long strokes with the purpose to bring the blood in the direction of the heart. It is the basis of sports massage. Good for pain, blood and lymph circulation, flexibility, detoxification of muscles and relaxation.


Working on a deep level of tissue, mainly muscular and fascial. This massage is intended to free the body of discomfort. Higher level of order and integration with your surrounding. It releases chronic muscle tension and the effect in general is sedative being a good choice for chronic stress and postural imbalances. Not only for pain but it also improves mobility and functionality.


This massage is intended to heal faster the fibbers and tissues and to give extra performance to the athlete. Different sports, levels and background make this massage very personalized to the client. Massage is very good for people who sport but a good choice of purpose and therapist can make a difference.


The effects and benefits of reflexology is widely known for the holistic view, it helps the whole body, mainly the organs. The oriental view of the different elements related to different kind of energies and therefore to different organs and meridians which make the body work. Besides Reflexology, Albert also does: Feet chakra energy massage, Metamorphic technique (mostly for pregnant women, deep relaxation and chronic pain)

TMJ release. Temporomandibular Joint

The Jaw and the TMJ are very important in the upper area of the body and connected to the whole body through the muscle chains. Release your jaw, relax your body! Safe corrections. Gentle and helpful. Mainly addressed to people who have jaw problems, pain, headaches, problems sleeping, over chewing at night, neck & shoulders tension, etc.


BLUEPRINT: Shift & Stability

This Energy therapy consists in energising points in the body using the Neuro-vascular points/dynamic. These points are distributed all around the body but concentrated close the 7 centres of the energetic body. Integrating applied Kinesiology, Physiology, Neurology, Chakra Energy and Visualisation, we aim to balance the person in order to get incredible results even with 1 session. 

The Shift:

To change the somatic-emotional state allows us to become aware that we are living the dream that we built and that we have the capacity to change/shift when we decide to. A personal transformation is created in a safe environment. Integration of the stages of the change, activating the energy, regenerating the emotions, the psyche and the physiology. The change is a constant in our life, to integrate this natural process allow the energy to flow through the 7 basic centres and Heal.

The Stability:

The balance in the change. Balance between the inner and the outer world, Ying and Yang energy. To become aware of the messages stored in our beliefs system, that make us either judge constantly ourselves or to take the victim role in the situations we live. To take control of our emotions, to choose in every moment our actions and reactions, it turns us to free and stable beings that live with Love.

To Who?

  • Stress relief, adrenal stress
  • Focus, clear the mind, to reconnect with oneself, to be present in their body/es
  • Personal growth, awareness
  • To build a personal trust and confidence space
  • Enteric nervous system and abdominal area